Big 50-2016: Sneak Peek

Big 50-2016 Badge

  The Big 50-2016 is almost here. It’s been an exhaustive process, but we’re nearing the finish line. The startups in the Big 50-2016 worked hard and earned their spots in this report. Each startup had to fight its way through a gauntlet of challenges, from exhaustive questionnaires intended to unearth weaknesses and red flags…

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Big 50-2016: the Final 80


After Round 2 voting, these startups are the Final 80 left standing. These startups are now vying for a position in the Big 50-2016. If your startup is not listed, it has been eliminated from the Big-50-2016. Of the remaining 80 startups, 50 will make it into the final report. The final 50 will be selected…

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Big 50-2016 Round 2: Group 5 Vote


Round 2 of the Big 50-2016 startup competition wraps up with Group 5: Securing and storing our digital future. The security startups listed below do everything from using machine learning to detect advanced threats to offering portable VPN devices. The storage startups, meanwhile, are innovating around Flash, container-defined storage, NAS, and more. Group 5 voting…

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Big 50-2016 Round 2: Group 4 Vote

We're all in the cloud now.

Round 2 of the Big 50-2016 startup competition moves forward with Group 4: We’re all in the cloud now. The cloud group has a wide range of cloud-powered startups, from IT alert correlation and automation to Software Defined WAN services to application delivery to development and testing platforms. It’s a broad, diverse mix, but the…

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