Event-Based Big Data Startup Internana Launches

Interana’s Event-Based Big Data Solution asks the “Why” and “How” Questions Many Big Data Tools Overlook

Startup: Interana

What they do: Provide an event-based Big Data analytics solution that answers critical business questions on how customers behave.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

CEO: Ann Johnson, who was previously a product manager at Intel. She has spent the past 6+ months getting this company up and running with her husband, CTO and founder, Robert Johnson, who was formerly a director of engineering at Facebook.

Founded: 2012interana-logo

Funding: Interana completed a series A round of funding in early 2013, raising $8.2 million from Battery Ventures, Data Collective, SV Angel, Fuel Capital, and YCombinator.

Problem they tackle: Most Big Data solutions tell you the “what” story of your data – what people are buying; what diseases are infecting people; what subject lines convince people to open emails, etc. However, these same solutions tend to neglect the “why” and “how.” If you do want the why, it could take days or even weeks.

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What I like about them: Interana intends to plug this “why” and “how” gap through event-based Big Data analytics that answer these critical questions in seconds. The Interana solution stores billions of sequences of events (event data) from such sources as clickstreams, call detail records, transactions, and sensor data, and it then allows users to ask questions and see answers in seconds.

By directly interacting with data through a fast visual interface, users can perform ad-hoc queries to explore data and discover trends and patterns through features such as time series, distributions, and funnels. Interana intends to help business decision makers and data teams identify new opportunities for growth, customer retention, product conversion, and engagement in a fraction of the time it takes today.

Customers include: Despite being such a new startup, Interana has already attracted such customers as Sony, Jive, and Asana.

Key Differentiator: For Interana, it is all about focusing on event-based Big Data insights that help speed up the time it takes to discover answers to important data-based questions.

Competitive Landscape: Competitors include MemSQL, Sumo Logic, Cloud Physics, Parstream, and many other Big Data companies focusing on speed.

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