Big50 2017 Tech Predictions – Part 2: Machine Learning and Automation

Machine Learning, Automation, and Smart Devices Three Hot Trends to Watch in 2017 Yesterday, we looked at predictions about how AI will remake datacenter operations, spark M&A activity, and even alter the general fabric of everyday life. In today’s predictions, AI maintains a starring role, with startups predicting the rise of assistant-based automation, AI-based security,…

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Big 50-2016 Startup Spotlight: Webscale

App delivery startup Webscale

Over the next few weeks, Startup50 will profile a few of the startups that have earned their way into the Big 50-2016 Startup Report. Today, we look at Webscale, a cloud-based application delivery startup. Startup in the spotlight: Webscale  What they do: Provide a cloud-based application delivery platform. Problem they solve: Consumers demand a friction-less…

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