Big50-2017 Group 3 Vote

Vote for your favorite startups in Group 3. The top 24 startups will move on to round 2 of the Big50-2017 startup competition.


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Vote closes: 5 PM PT, Monday, June 5, 2017

****Top 24 from Group 3 move on to round 2****


  1. Aporeto

Founded: 2015

CEO: Dimitri Stilliadis

What they do: Provide white-list-based security that is “decoupled from network details.”

  1. apollobit

Founded: 2014

Founder: Sharif Youssef

What they do: Provide Big Data tools.


  1. Blinker

Founded: 2013

CEO: Rod Buscher

What they do: Offer a “mobile app that allows anyone to buy, sell, and finance cars themselves with the snap of a photo.”


  1. Cavirin

Founded: 2012

CEO: Dr. Rao Papolu

What they do: Offer “continuous security assessments and remediation across hybrid environments.”


  1. Clarifai

Founded: 2013

CEO: Matthew Zeiler

What they do: Develop visual recognition AI that helps businesses build apps that can do such things as automatically tag, organize, and search visual content.



  1. ClearView Diagnostics

Founded: 2012

CEO: Dr. Christine Podilchuk

What they do: Provide “deep-learning/AI software that improves the accuracy of breast cancer screenings, reduces unnecessary biopsies and makes quality care more accessible to women worldwide.”


  1. CyberGRX

Founded: 2015

CEO: Fred Kneip

What they do: Provide a global, Third-Party Cyber-Risk-Management (TPCRM) exchange.


  1. Electron Mechanical Corporation

Founded: 2016

CEO: Gregory Eddy

What they do: Design robots.


  1. FFRI North America

Founded: 2017

CEO: Pablo Garcia

What they do: Develop cyber-security products.


  1. FlashFunders

Founded: 2012

President: Brian Park

What they do: Provides an equity crowdfunding platform.



Founded: 2015

CEO: Amit Bendov

What they do: Provide a “conversation intelligence platform” that helps “sales and marketing teams close more deals by leveraging AI and machine learning technology to recognize patterns from thousands of hours of spoken sales conversations.”


  1. GreatHorn

Founded: 2014

CEO: Kevin O’Brien

What they do: Provide enterprises with “cloud-native protection against message-based threats, driven by machine learning and automated response capabilities.”


  1. GuardiCore

Founded: 2013

CEO: Pavel Gurvich

What they do: Provide “real-time detection and response for data centers and clouds by using multiple detection methods, including dynamic deception; deploying granular policy and compliance controls; and maintaining visibility, even during complex cloud migrations.”


  1. Happiest Minds Technologies

Founded: 2011

CEO: Sashi Kumar

What they do: Provide “Digital Transformation service for enterprises,” including “big data analytics, internet of things, mobility, cloud, security, and unified communications.”


  1. InCrowd

Founded: 2010

CEO: Janet Kosloff

What they do: Provide a “mobile micro-survey methodology and analytics engine” that enables clients to reach targeted physicians and healthcare stakeholders to gain their feedback in real-time to help life science organizations move treatments to market, faster.


  1. Makeena

Founded: 2012

CEO: Karen Frame

What they do: Provide a platform that helps brands interact with “health and lifestyle shoppers.”


  1. ManagedMethods

Founded: 2013

CEO: Charlie Sander

What they do: Build Cloud Security software that gives companies visibility into how data is stored, access, and shared in cloud applications, including Google G Suite and Office 365.


  1. Monnit

Founded: 2010

CEO: Brad Walters

What they do: Provide wireless sensors that deliver “secure, real-time information on how assets, buildings, and processes” are being managed and maintained.


  1. NRGene

Founded: 2010

CEO: Gil Ronen

What they do: Develop technology that “assembles genomes of even the most complex species.”


  1. Nutonian/DataRobot

Founded: 2011

CEO: Scott Howser

What they do: Automate prescriptive analytics to build “accurate and actionable models that enable “business users to do the work of data scientists.”

Note: on May 23, Nutonian was acquired by a DataRobot, a startup founded in 2012 that has raised $120 million in VC funding.


  1. Pixellot

Founded: 2013

CEO: Alon Werber

What they do: Develop automated sports filming and production software.


  1. PointPredictive

Founded: 2015

CEO: Tim Grace

What they do: Use machine learning to protect against fraud.


  1. Portworx

Founded: 2014

CEO: Murli Thirumale

What they do: Automate the deployment and operation of “container data services at scale and allow users to manage any database or stateful service running on any infrastructure.”


  1. Rigado

Founded: 2010

CEO: Ben Corrado

What they do: Provide a “chip-to-cloud IoT [platform] that gives customers a way to securely manage and update low-power wireless devices at scale.”


  1. ShieldSquare

Founded: 2013

CEO: Pavan Kumar Thatha

What they do: Provide protection against bots and web scraping.


  1. SwiftStack

Founded: 2011

CEO: Don Jaworski

What they do: Provide hybrid cloud storage for enterprises.


  1. Swiftype

Founded: 2012

CEO: Matthew Riley

What they do: They’re developing an online “search-and-discovery” tool that leverages “AI, machine learning and natural language processing technologies to improve the overall search experience.”


  1. Tanvas

Founded: 2011

CEO: Greg Topel

What they do: Offer a technology “capable of disrupting the smooth glass on touch displays, simulating real touch.”


  1. Tastytrade

Founded: 2011

CEO: Tom Sosnoff & Kristi Ross

What they do: Develops financial content and technology.


  1. TIPIT

Founded: 2014

CEO: Jonathan Rimon

What they do: Provide “developers, cameras, and brands with a software development kit (SDK) of computer vision and AR technologies that increases platform users’ retention and engagement.”


  1. Treasure Data

Founded: 2011

CEO: Hiro Yoshikawa

What they do: Provide a platform that “overcomes the messy pre-existing tech, IT, and business workflow barriers, so employees can gain access and insights from the most telling customer data in order to make swift, accurate, and informed decisions.”


  1. Tulip

Founded: 2014

Founders: Natan Linder & Rony Kubat

What they do: Develop a “manufacturing app engine.”


  1. vArmour

Founded: 2011

CEO: Timothy Eades

What they do: Provide data center and cloud security.


  1. Veracity

Founded: 2014

CEO: Paul Myer

What they do: Provide enterprise-class security through a “centralized command center for industrial control systems (ICS). Leveraging SDN technologies, Veracity gives industrial operators complete situational awareness for asset identification and management, client-defined security zones, and threat-based incident response in near real-time.”


  1. Zadara Storage

Founded: 2011

CEO: Nelson Nahum

What they do: Offer scalable, elastic enterprise Storage-as-a-Service, which is available on-premises and in the cloud.


Top 24 from Group 3 move on to round 2****