Big50-2017 Group 1 Vote


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****Top 24 from Group 1 move on to round 2****

  1. AirMap

Founded: 2015

CEO: Ben Marcus

What they do: They are building the “airspace services platform” to make “drones part of everyday life.”

  1. Alation

Founded: 2012

CEO: Satyen Sangani

What they do: Provide a data catalog for collaboration.

  1. Archive360

Founded: 2011

CEO: Bob DeSteno

What they do: Offer a “managed cloud archive specifically designed for long-term archiving of low-touch and/or legal/compliance data on the Microsoft Azure platform.”

  1. BigML

Founded: 2011

CEO: Francisco J. Martin

What they do: Offer a machine learning platform that “can enable developers and analysts to leverage machine learning to transform their data into actionable insights.”

  1. CloudPhysics

Founded: 2011

CEO: Richard Sexton

What they do: Provide a cloud-based IT ops management solution for vSphere.

  1. Commuter Club

Founded: 2014

CEO: Petko Plachkov

What they do: Provide a “platform to help commuters save money on travel.”

  1. Corsa

Founded: 2013

CEO: Bruce Gregory

What they do: Develop appliances that protect against hyper-scale volumetric DDoS attacks.

  1. Eaze

Founded: 2014

CEO: Jim Patterson

What they do: Provide a platform for delivering medical marijuana products in 20-30 minutes.


Founded: 2011

CEO: SriSatish Ambati

What they do: Provide an open-source machine learning platform that “makes it easy to deploy smart applications and take them into production.”

  1. Hexadite

Founded: 2014

CEO: Eran Barak

What they do: They “automatically investigates every cyber alert from any detection system, letting scarce security staff focus on more sophisticated threats.”

  1. Illusive networks

Founded: 2014

CEO: Ofer Israeli

What they do: Provide agent-less cybersecurity deception technology that “detects, tracks, and contains targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats in its early stages and without disruption to business.”

  1. Javelin Networks

Founded: 2014

CEO: Roi Abutbul

What they do: Provide endpoint protection of Active Directory

  1. LaaSer Critical Communications

Founded: 2015

CEO: Fred White

What they do: “We make 911 work the way you think it already does.”

  1. LeanData

Founded: 2012

CEO: Evan Liang

What they do: Provide lead-management software.

  1. Lucid VR

Founded: 2015

CEO: Han Jin

What they do: They have developed a low-cost “dual-lens camera with 4K video for each eye that can capture and livestream “in true 180-degree 3D virtual reality.”

  1. neoEYED

Founded: 2016

CEO: Alesiso Mauro

What they do: Provide “a solution that simplifies the authentication interface on mobile application removing the needs of password.”

  1. NormShield

Founded: 2016

CEO: Mohamoud Jibrell

What they do: They’ve developed “cloud-based cyber-security software that gives you a hacker’s view of your attack surface and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risk.”


Founded: 2016

CEO: Matt Schlicht

What they do: Provide a platform to build chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

  1. Otonomo

Founded: 2015

CEO: Ben Volkow

What they do: Provide a “central marketplace where car-generated data parameters are packaged into data bundles and offered to the various service provides, providing OEMs with new recurring revenue streams from the collected car data.”

  1. ParkMyCloud

Founded: 2015

CEO: Jay Chapel

What they do: Automate cloud usage and cost optimization.

  1. Puzzazz

Founded: 2010

CEO: Roy Leban

What they do: “We’ve built, roughly, ‘Kindle for puzzles.’”


Founded: 2013

CEO: Jack Shannon

What they do: They’re building an “ad-exchange and mobile engagement solution for live events that utilizes technology to identify the best events for brands to attend to accomplish their specific goals.”

  1. RedLock

Founded: 2015

CEO: Varun Badhwar

What they do: Help organizations “manage security and compliance risks across their public cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).”

  1. Reltio

Founded: 2015

CEO: Manish Sood

What they do: Provide cloud-based data management services.

  1. SafeLogic

Founded: 2012

CEO: Ray Potter

What they do: They “simplify and accelerate FIPS 140-2 validation for encryption so that vendors can enter the federal market.”

  1. SaiSei

Founded: 2013

CEO: John Harper

What they do: Provide “network performance enforcement” software.

  1. Sapho

Founded: 2014

CEO: Fouad ElNaggar

What they do: Their software “provides employees a quick view into the important information they need to excel at work.”

  1. SecuredTouch

Founded: 2014

CEO: Yair Finzi

What they do: Use “behavioral biometrics for continuous authentication, strengthening transactional security, and reducing user hassle.”

  1. Skyport Systems

Founded: 2013

CEO: Art Gilliland

What they do: Provide a “remotely managed platform that establishes a secure enclave for the enterprise’s most critical applications.”

  1. SQream Technologies

Founded: 2010

CEO: Ami Gal

What they do: Provide a “GPU-powered analytics database designed to handle tens to hundreds of terabytes of data and beyond.”

  1. Steel Mountain Systems

Founded: 2016

CEO: William Butler

What they do: Offer a way to “secure all your home connected devices in one place.”

  1. TenantCloud

Founded: 2014

CEO: Joe Edgar

What they do: Offer rental accounting and management software that helps landlords maximize their returns on rental properties.

  1. Virgil Security

Founded: 2014

CEO: Michael W. Wellman

What they do: Provide open-source “cryptographic software building blocks for developers, so they can quickly and easily build and deploy secure products.”

  1. Virtru

Founded: 2011

CEO: John Ackerly

What they do: Provide software to “encrypt your most important data on the biggest platforms.”

  1. Visabot

Founded: 2016

CEO: Artem Goldman

What they do: Provide a “cross-platform bot that can do up to 80% of an immigration lawyer’s work.”






****Top 24 from Group 1 move on to round 2****