Big 50-2016: Sneak Peek


The Big 50-2016 is almost here. It’s been an exhaustive process, but we’re nearing the finish line. The startups in the Big 50-2016 worked hard and earned their spots in this report.

Each startup had to fight its way through a gauntlet of challenges, from exhaustive questionnaires intended to unearth weaknesses and red flags to online votes designed to gauge the strength of the startup’s following to background checks to judge the current team’s ability to succeed in a startup environment.

We kicked off this year’s competition with over 210 startups. Many good ones were left out, and many of them, we suspect, will earn their way into future reports.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll be revealing the Big 50-2016 startups one by one, culminating with the release of the full report (which will feature in-depth looks at the best of the best) later this summer.

Here are just a few of the startups that you’ll learn about in the Big 50-2016:





Alpine Data


WAAVE Stream


Deep Instinct

And 41 other startups. . .

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