Big 50-2016 Round 2: Group 2 Vote

Round 2 of the Big 50-2016 startup competition moves ahead with Group 2: Building an on-demand world.

Group 2 voting is open through Tuesday, March 15 at 7 pm PT

Group 2, much like Group 1, is another fairly eclectic group. This group features consumer-focused startups, such as coffee and music services; business services, including a mobile data collection service for law enforcement; sharing services, and Education Technology startups.

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Of the 34 startups listed below:

  • The top 17 will move on to Round 3
  • The bottom 17 will be eliminated
  • The top 2 will automatically make it into the Big 50-2016

Notes for voters:

  • You can vote for up to 3 startups
  • Your votes will be weighted from #1 (which will get 3 points) to #3 (which will get 1 point)
  • Only humans are eligible to vote. Any startups deploying voting bots will be eliminated from this round and will be barred from any other Startup50 competitions this year.
  • (Reminder, Group 1 voting remains open until Friday, March 11 at 7 PM PT. If you haven’t voted yet, please do.)

The Group 2 Lineup

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(Scroll down for descriptions of each startup.)



Easy-to-build organizational databases with simple, spreadsheet-like interfaces


Cloud-based personalized music platform experienced through smart headphones

Blue Crew

Online temporary job platform 

bonaverde coffee

Developers of a smart coffee machine that connects consumers to a fair-trade coffee service

Provides a platform to create custom apparel and take donations for community causes 


Developers of a portable projector that comes preloaded with children’s content

Circle Medical

Developers of a mobile app that connects patients with doctors who will visit homes and offices

Cloud Lending Solutions

Cloud-based banking and lending platform


Develops programs that teach high schoolers to code


Employee performance management system


Programs to help professionals learn data science skills


Office management service


Android and iOS compatible app that allows consumers to transfer photos and videos across devices with a swipe of the finger 


Cloud-based database service for location data


Business management software that gives CEOs a system to run their companies


Online crowdfunding platform

LTG Exam Platform

Personalized apps to help prepare for standardized tests


An app that analyzes skin tone and creates customized makeup


An app that will analyze a customer’s drink preferences and recommend new beers and wines

One Month

Online courses focused on entrepreneurial skills 


Provides a platform to manage and analyze local delivery operations

Panorama Education

An online platform that provides tools to collect and analyze feedback in schools, networks, or districts


Provides an online platform for product discovery


An app that raises awareness and resources for animal welfare organizations

Online marketplace for music gear 


Provides a platform for airlines to enhance in-flight shopping and marketing


Provides a way for clients to posthumous messages for loved ones


A mobile data collection platform used by law enforcement and public safety personnel to document scenes 


SaaS-based platform that integrates mobile engagement automation with data management and personalized advertising


A digital marketplace that connects businesses with qualified and vetted hourly workers via a smartphone app


Provides a mobile platform that enables B2B companies to source and sell on-demand 


A predictive analytics engine app that uses machine learning technology to connect salespeople to their CRM, email, calendar, and to recommend what actions you can take to increase sales 


An app for mobile alumni networking


Employee performance management system