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  1. Kimberly Sky
    Kimberly Sky at | | Reply

    Put my vote in for Cloudmeter please! :)

  2. Keith S
    Keith S at | | Reply

    Casting my vote for Cloudmeter!

    1. Kate
      Kate at | | Reply

      I second the vote to CloudMeter. As a customer, one of the things I love about the tool is that it helps me finally get my web behavior data out of clunky analytics programs and into whatever BI layer I want in a way that’s actually meaningful.

      CloudMeter, please don’t let Adobe buy you or I will be very sad.

  3. Steve Sereboff
    Steve Sereboff at | | Reply


  4. M Turner
    M Turner at | | Reply


  5. V Bogard
    V Bogard at | | Reply

    Casting my vote for Datameer !

  6. Can Koklu
    Can Koklu at | | Reply

    Any chance we can subscribe somewhere to be notified of the results?

  7. raul
    raul at | | Reply


  8. Ramin
    Ramin at | | Reply

    Zoomdata is awesome. They have been getting so much press. Just look at their twitter and on google!

  9. Suhas
    Suhas at | | Reply

    Voting for MapR Technologies

  10. Eugene P
    Eugene P at | | Reply

    SumAll has my vote,

    Who doesn’t love a tool that will take your data and make you money.

  11. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Semantria should be on this list for sure.

    I use it and now my organization has text and sentiment analysis integrated right into microsoft excel. It is the only analytics tool our organization needs!

  12. Linda
    Linda at | | Reply

    Definitely vote for Zoomdata!!! Their app is incredible!

  13. Kiran
    Kiran at | | Reply

    I would have liked to see on this list.

  14. John L
    John L at | | Reply


  15. Sivaram
    Sivaram at | | Reply

    Scalearc has new generation technology experience in database scalability. Also, its a startup with potential in terms of the database market (MSSQL,Oracle,Mysql). The survey could be better in terms of rating companies on more factors rahter than only ranking.

  16. Peter Baumann
    Peter Baumann at | | Reply

    A nice collection indeed – was it on purpose that only BI is considered? Engineering, location-based, healthcare, … they all are “Big Data”, too.
    Maybe the – otherwise excellent presentation might put this into the headline, for the clarification foreaders?

    One class to be mentioned here is Array Databases [1], where the most developed and used technology today is rasdaman [2] – actually, it even heavily has shaped and is shaping industry’s base standards, such as ISO SQL and OGC’s sensor, image, simulation, and statistics service standards [3].

    my 2 cents,


  17. Chris Dresden
    Chris Dresden at | | Reply

    +1 SumAll, Easily the most forward thinking company on the list!

  18. Kristine Shoemaker
    Kristine Shoemaker at | | Reply

    I believe this is an excellent company.

  19. Joerg
    Joerg at | | Reply

    I vote for ParStream, because it is one of the few real Big Data core technologies on that list.

    It is not some Hadoop or NoSql distribution or extension, not some “we make existing DB like MySQL run in memory”, not some frontend tool for visualization of data (which might be BIG if the underlying DB allows), and not any industry or topic specific solution for working with (sometimes Big-) data.

    ..BUT 100% in house developed code with patent pending algorithms for analyzing billions of records in milliseconds and continuously importing new data.

    Focussing on real Big and Fast Data challenges !

  20. erik
    erik at | | Reply

    Surprised Ayasdi is not on the list, but that just means less competition for the rest of us.

  21. Julie Tangen
    Julie Tangen at | | Reply

    Cloudmeter all the way!

  22. Lewis F.
    Lewis F. at | | Reply

    Did you mean to have two copies of the survey on this page? I see one under #7. Concurrent and then the one at the bottom. Luckily they both reflect the same info!

  23. Miki Tebeka
    Miki Tebeka at | | Reply

    Continuum Analytics

  24. Katherine Gorham
    Katherine Gorham at | | Reply

    CloudPhysics. Being able to simulate the effects of a change to datacenter infrastructure BEFORE deploying sounds pretty valuable.

  25. Gerhard Kress
    Gerhard Kress at | | Reply

    Just a bit surpised to see Pivotal among the startups. Surely strong team and interesting vision, but they consist out of multiple commercial entities previouly held in EMC and VMWare, have around USD300mio revenue and the oly capital investor is GE (VMWare and EMC contributed products and around 1200 people)..
    Otherwise great list, I alredy voted fo rmy favourite: Pastream…

  26. Mark van Rijmenam
    Mark van Rijmenam at | | Reply

    Great selection, I do miss a few however. There is a large selection on this website, including reviews:

  27. Frank Smietana
    Frank Smietana at | | Reply

    You forgot to mention Michael Stonebraker’s other recent startup, Paradigm4.

  28. Mohan
    Mohan at | | Reply


  29. Andy Owen Jones
    Andy Owen Jones at | | Reply

    I just signed an agreement to work with Parstream as there is nothing like what they have in Europe. Same reason I invested in them at the earliest possible opportunity. Smartest people I have met in a long time and I want what they have got

  30. Bonnie Webb
    Bonnie Webb at | | Reply

    Provides a service with growing demand, dependably.

  31. Ahmad R Khan
    Ahmad R Khan at | | Reply


  32. Arup Chakraborty
    Arup Chakraborty at | | Reply

    Not sure why tracx didn’t showed up.; Its a game changer in the big data social media with its patent pending algorithm..

  33. praneel
    praneel at | | Reply

    Skyhighnetworks it is!

  34. Pris
    Pris at | | Reply

    WibiData WibiData WibiData!

  35. Terry H
    Terry H at | | Reply

    Put me down for MapR.

  36. Ariel
    Ariel at | | Reply

    #1: Skytree

  37. Greg Emmerich
    Greg Emmerich at | | Reply

    Big Data startups are kind of like bunnies–they just keep multiplying until one of the bunnies finds a laser gun and murders the other bunnies, and then makes a nice stew.

  38. Lin Peng
    Lin Peng at | | Reply

    Voting for Skytree

  39. Widad
    Widad at | | Reply

    Voting for MapR

  40. Amy Kenigsberg
    Amy Kenigsberg at | | Reply

    Voting for xplenty

  41. Yohai Shaked
    Yohai Shaked at | | Reply

    Where can I find the complete results of the 43 Big Data startups? I saw it here a couple of days ago but can’t find it now…

  42. David Gruzman
    David Gruzman at | | Reply

    Voting for xplenty!

  43. Kylie Clement
    Kylie Clement at | | Reply

    Voting for Cloudera

  44. Eddie Ayling
    Eddie Ayling at | | Reply

    There is a long list of no-sql databases out there. I find this company list is biased towards hadoop. It would be fair to include a larger selection of companies that work with alternative big data databases.

  45. Will
    Will at | | Reply

    Cloudant = #1!!

  46. Oliver
    Oliver at | | Reply

    Outstanding technology. Strong backing. Awesome team. My vote goes to ParStream.

  47. MarcT
    MarcT at | | Reply

    My vote goes to ParStream as well.

  48. barry solomon
    barry solomon at | | Reply

    Hortonworks gets my vote. Wave of the future.

  49. Anand
    Anand at | | Reply

    Put my vote for Scalarc..

  50. Jenni
    Jenni at | | Reply

    Cloudmeter looks impressive! Vote #1!

  51. Bruno
    Bruno at | | Reply

    Hi Jeff – just wanted to provide a quick update to the above facts about Alpine Data Labs.

    We ended up raising $16M in November. We also released a new version of our product, introducing collaboration to the world of Data Science.

    Anyone is invited to try the product, fully hosted, by signing up for full access at

    Analytically Yours,

  52. Kostya
    Kostya at | | Reply

    I will vote for Skyvia. It is a new service formigrating data to/from Salesforce

  53. Amy
    Amy at | | Reply


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