NSONE Develops Next-Gen DNS Solution


With $5.8 in VC backing, NSONE takes on Amazon, UltraDNS

Startup: NSONE Inc.  

What they do: NSONE is developing a next-gen DNS-based advanced traffic management platform that utilizes infrastructure, network, and application data to make intelligent routing decisions in real-time.

Headquarters: New York City   Startup NSONE

CEO: Dr. Kristopher Beevers. Before NSONE, Kris built CDN, cloud, bare metal, and other infrastructure products at Voxel, a New York based hosting company that sold to Internap in 2011.

Founded: 2013

Funding: $5.8 million, including Series A funding from Flybridge Capital Partners, Signa Prime Ventures, Center Electric, and private investors.

Problem they tackle: Traditional managed DNS services are unable to route Internet traffic in a granular way. This forces customers to build their own solutions and/or leverage extremely complex and expensive appliances and load balancers to accomplish any type of routing which is often limited to static rule sets. This increases overall operational costs, decreases infrastructure reliability, and decreases performance.

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What I like about them: The focus for NSONE is distributed architectures/applications, building their technology with a routing engine to send customers’ users to data centers in different regions or even different parts of the world. Decentralization is happening all across the tech world, and NSONE is architecting their solution to deal with that fact.

Their goal is to provide intelligent routing, with features that give them the ability to absorb customer metrics to make automatic routing decisions in real-time. For example, if you have a data center in one part of the world that goes offline, the issue is detected and users are sent to another data center automatically. In our cloud-enabled, global economy, this is a critical capability, positively impacting uptime and end-user satisfaction.

Customers include: Imgur, TripAdvisor, xkcd, MaxCDN, Integral Ad Science, OneLogin, Pulsepoint, VHX, Collective, Algolia.

Key Differentiator: Web application architectures are becoming more advanced and Internet infrastructure is becoming more distributed, but DNS technologies have not evolved to accommodate these new environments. If DNS is not able to route to the right datacenter, performance will suffer. NSONE built their own DNS service from the ground up and have patents on the technologies they use. They are working to bring the focus to intelligent routing, in order to create a more reliable infrastructure and increased performance.

With $5.8 in VC backing, startup NSONE takes on Amazon, UltraDNS with Next-Gen DNS solution Click To Tweet

Competitive Landscape: The biggest competitors in the space are Dyn, Amazon Route 53 and UltraDNS. NSONE is currently battling the perception of being the new kid on block, as some of these legacy providers have been around for 15+ years.

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