Don’t panic, startups! Big 50-2017 deadline extended. . .

When I sat down at my desk and opened my inbox this morning, two things jumped off the screen. 1) I had a ton of new nominations for the Big 50-2017, and 2) I also had a million and one requests for a deadline extension.

Okay, I get it. It’s a busy time of year. Easter, Passover, spring break, 4/20, and so on.

On 4/20, I don’t want to be the guy harshing your mellow, so here’s what I’ll do. For those of you who met the deadline, I’m lining up an exclusive for you (more on that in a minute).

For those who need more time, I’m extending the deadline to EOD, Monday, 4/24/2017. But that’s it. The competition will start next Wednesday with or without your entry.

So, if you needed an extension, here it is, but Monday is the drop-dead deadline. Don’t put this off any longer! Get your nominations in ASAP! If your startup was founded in 2010 or later, please fill out this questionnaire to nominate them:

For those of you who got your nominations in on time, I’m doing 2 things for you: 1) In the event of any ties in voting, the first tiebreaker goes to those who met the deadline. 2) I’m setting up an exclusive coverage opportunity that will only be available to the startups who got their nominations in on time. Stay tuned. . .