Big 50-2016 Round 2: Group 5 Vote

Round 2 of the Big 50-2016 startup competition wraps up with Group 5: Securing and storing our digital future.

The security startups listed below do everything from using machine learning to detect advanced threats to offering portable VPN devices. The storage startups, meanwhile, are innovating around Flash, container-defined storage, NAS, and more.

Group 5 voting is open through Tuesday, April 5 at 5 PM PT.

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Of the 30 startups listed below:

  • The top 15 will move on to Round 3
  • The bottom 15 will be eliminated

Notes for voters:

  • You can vote for up to 3 startups
  • Your votes will be weighted from #1 (which will get 3 points) to #3 (which will get 1 point)
  • Only humans are eligible to vote!!! Any startups deploying voting bots or otherwise subverting the one-vote/device structure of this competition will be penalized. All fraudulent votes will be tossed out, and this startup will face additional penalties, depending on the severity of the cheating.

The Group 5 Lineup

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(Scroll down for descriptions of each startup.)


Develops TOR and VPN routers


A live, remote testing platform that continuously checks for cyber-security gaps

BrightPoint Security

Software that automates threat detection and risk analysis, and turns volumes of threat information into actionable cyber-security intelligence

Coho Data

Developing flash-tuned scale-out storage architecture designed for private clouds


Provides a decentralized, on-premises cyber-security collaboration platform that allows cyber-threat information to be shared with multiple communities in real-time


A real-time cyber-attack detection and response platform that uses endpoint data to detect and remediate simple and complex threats


A cyber-security detection engine that uses machine-learning as it finds new threats and adapts itself as the threats change

Deep Instinct

Real-time Advance Persistent Threat (APT) protection, using data fragmentation, deep learning, and predictive capabilities in order to prevent future attacks

digital shadows

A scalable data analysis platform that creates a continual view of an organization’s digital footprint, to protect against cyber-attacks and loss of intellectual property


Enterprise storage with an all flash solution that bridges current and emerging data center architectures


Behavioral analytics for detecting advanced threats and providing rapid incident response


A Software-as-a-Service coordination platform that streamlines communication between security researchers and internal response teams


Adaptive cyber-security that works across legacy data centers and cloud computing environments

illusive networks

A cyber-security company focused on targeted attacks


Provides a platform that enables operational engineers and cyber security personnel to gain control over industrial-networks, and detect malicious activities

InterModal Data

Distributed system software and disaggregated hardware architecture that maximizes storage efficiency, performance, and resource utilization


Portable VPN device

Menlo Security

Provides a platform that isolates and executes all Web content in the public or private cloud, enabling users to interact safely with content, without the threat of malware


Endpoint protection designed to block zero-days and advanced attacks


Provides a machine-learning-based security analytics platform that automates the detection of attacks


Advanced network and application layer security solutions for enterprises, service providers, universities, gaming and social media companies and other organizations


Optimizes storage for virtualized environments 


Container-Defined Storage (CDS) for enterprise deployments 


Uses data-aware scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) software to help enterprises store and manage large numbers of digital assets

Re-Sec Technologies Ltd.

Provides a platform for a comprehensive, multi-layer prevention and detection solution against cyber threats

Skyport Systems

Delivers a remotely-managed platform that establishes security for applications


Flash storage device that plugs into the MacBook SDXC port and increases hard drive space

Tempered Networks

A centrally-managed, security appliance solution that leverages existing network infrastructure to efficiently enable industrial and enterprise connectivity that is secure by default


An anonymous cyber incident sharing platform for enterprises

Vectra Networks

Monitors internal traffic to ID attacks as they’re happening