Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 as a site that would focus on the substance behind the hype. The idea was to come up with a process, one featuring rigorous competitions and challenges, that would strip away the spin and force startups to focus on what really matters: real people and the real-world problems they’re struggling to overcome.

Prior to founding Startup50, Jeff regularly contributed features stories to Forbes.comNetwork World, CIO, Wired, eWeek, and many others.

But over the last several years, journalism has taken a turn for the worst. After watching publication after publication either downsize or collapse, after seeing experienced writers and editors kicked to the streets in favor of low-cost writers who can barely spell, and BWVance-mid-resafter watching in horror as real journalism was replaced by listicles, content boiler rooms, and thinly veiled pay-for-play cheerleading, Jeff started looking for new ways to deliver his stories to readers.

Writing for third-party publications just wasn’t cutting it any longer. Sensing that the chaos in the publishing world was just going to get worse, Jeff launched Startup50 as a platform where he could experiment with new ways to create and monetize journalism.

The experiment is ongoing.

Before Startup50, Jeff also founded Sandstorm Media, a copywriting and content marketing firm. He previously served as Head of Marketing Strategy for Aryaka, an SD-WAN startup, taught creative nonfiction at New Mexico State University, and during the dotcom bubble, he was editor of Telecom Trends and Mobile Internet Times.