Hot Cloud Startups – 25 Nominees

I received well over 150 nominations for my upcoming story “10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch” for CIO. I figured I’d get a lot of entries, but I was surprised that I actually got more cloud entries than I did for the mobile version of this story a couple months ago.

North Rim Cloud_optThe two most active sub-sectors are cloud security and cloud storage, followed closely by cloud performance tools. However, cloud computing startups are a varied lot. I evaluated everything from open-source IaaS platforms to videoconferencing integration services to database aggregation to app data translation tools to a unified solution for how-to’s and user guides.

Here are the 25 finalists for my upcoming CIO story. Be sure to vote below to tell me who your final 10 would be.

1. AppZero

What they do: Help companies migrate server applications to the cloud.  

Founded: September 2010

2. Aryaka Networks

What they do: Provides cloud-based WAN optimization and application acceleration services.

Founded: November 2008

3. Blue Jeans Networks

What they do: Develop cloud-based videoconferencing tools that bridge various available services.   

Founded: November 2009

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4. BrightTag

What they do: Develop cloud-based data integration tools.

Founded: 2009

5. Cedexis

What they do: Develops tools that provide visibility into cloud and CDN performance, and then help users act on that information.

Founded: Q4 2009

6. CipherCloud

What they do: Develop security tools for cloud-based applications.

Founded: 2010

7. Cloudant

What they do: They’re a Database-as-a-Service provider.

Founded: 2008

8. CPUsage

What they do: Provides on-demand access to massive amounts of compute power for high-throughput tasks. 

Founded: October 2010

9. dinCloud

What they do: Help small to mid-sized businesses migrate and/or provision desktops, servers, storage, networking and applications to a Virtual Private Data Center.   

Founded: January 2011

10. Eucalyptus Systems

What they do: Develop IaaS platforms.    

Founded: 2007

11. HyTrust

What they do: Develop virtualization security tools.   

Founded: April, 2009

12. Nasuni

What they do: Offers a cloud storage service.   

Founded: 2009

13. NetCitadel

What they do: Develop “Software-Defined Security” solutions for virtual, cloud and mobile environments.   

Founded: 2010, but did not officially launch (and release product) until January 2013.

14. OnApp

What they do: Provide cloud services, including IaaS, CDN and storage services.

Founded: July 2010

15. Pertino

What they do: Develop network virtualization technologies.

Founded: 2011

16. Piston Cloud Computing

What they do: Helps businesses create their own private clouds.   

Founded: 2011

Funding: $5 million from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, True Ventures, Divergent Ventures.

17. Plivo

Plivo logo

What they do: Develop cloud-based telephony hosting apps and services.

Founded: December 2011

18. Ravello Systems

What they do: Provides a service that enables developers to replicate their existing applications, without any changes, and deploy them to any public or private cloud.

Founded: 2011

19. SaaS Markets

What they do: Provides the infrastructure that enterprises can use to launch app stores.   

Founded: 2011

20. Transverse

What they do: Develop billing platforms for cloud and SaaS services.   

Founded: 2008; however, the company didn’t officially launch until 2011, when they released their first product, TRACT billing.

[box title="Check out the final lineup on CIO now" color="#842424"]Vote for your favorite cloud startups of the “10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch” on CIOCheck it out.[/box]

21. Veeva Systems

What they do: Provides cloud-based CRM and content management services for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.   

Founded: 2007

22. VirtualSharp

What they do: Provide disaster recovery (DR) services for cloud-based applications and infrastructures.   

Founded: 2010

23. VoloMetrix


What they do: Develops cloud-based analytic software to measure “social enterprise intelligence.”

Founded: 2011

24. WatchDox

What they do: Provide cloud-based storage and collaboration tools.   

Founded: 2009

25. Zscaler

What they do: Provide cloud security tools.   

Founded: 2008

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60 Responses

  1. Xavier Blanchot
    Xavier Blanchot at | | Reply

    I vote Cedexis

  2. neal skapura
    neal skapura at | | Reply

    Hoping our LMS provider will adopt them!

  3. Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie at | | Reply

    Voting for Transverse!

  4. Natalie
    Natalie at | | Reply

    Blue Jeans Network!!

  5. jean noel
    jean noel at | | Reply

    I vote cedexis !

  6. Kathy Doce
    Kathy Doce at | | Reply

    I vote AppZero

  7. Angela Tuzzo
    Angela Tuzzo at | | Reply

    dinCloud all the way!

  8. Bill Leichter
    Bill Leichter at | | Reply

    I vote for CipherCloud. Without adequate information security many enterprises will not move to the cloud.

  9. Otto Pohlmann
    Otto Pohlmann at | | Reply

    I vote APPZERO. It´s the next step in virtualization technology, after the OS Virtualization, now the Server Application Virtualization dettaching the Application from the underlaying OS.

  10. Bruno Tézenas du Montcel
    Bruno Tézenas du Montcel at | | Reply

    I vote for Cedexis…
    Because Julien is a great person…

  11. Bill
    Bill at | | Reply

    Aryaka Networks all the way. Great technology, team and legitimate momentum.

  12. Elinor
    Elinor at | | Reply

    Aryaka Networks!

  13. Ferdinand Roberts
    Ferdinand Roberts at | | Reply

    Very very happy to see us listed here. Thanks for the inclusion and here’s hoping we can make it to the top 10. Disclaimer: I am the CEO of SaaS Markets.

  14. Nathan
    Nathan at | | Reply

    I vote for Veeva Systems

  15. Stacey Kutach
    Stacey Kutach at | | Reply

    Transverse all the way!

  16. P. Brandon Malloy
    P. Brandon Malloy at | | Reply

    Veeva systems is growing quickly and changing the face of software supporting the life sciences and pharma industries. Having a convenient, yet tightly controlled and secure cloud access allows customers to store their data “out there” without worrying about having a full-blown IT department to do it or that it might slip into the wrong hands. I recently joined them and find their SaaS technology to be first class.

  17. Junior Pimentel
    Junior Pimentel at | | Reply

    The AppZero is an excellent solution. My vote is for AppZero.

  18. Wu
    Wu at | | Reply

    Seriously, no Nebula? Piston but not Nebula?

    Thanks, I just had my morning chuckle.

  19. Håkan Andersson
    Håkan Andersson at | | Reply

    APPZERO for sure! They have an amazing product that changes the industry of Application management efficiency. Proud to represent them as VAD.

  20. Ben
    Ben at | | Reply

    I vote AppZero

  21. Phyllis
    Phyllis at | | Reply

    I vote for VoloMetrix! Cool cloud-based analytics software.

  22. Andrea
    Andrea at | | Reply

    So proud to see Veeva on this list! We’ve worked hard and it is exciting to be included among the game changers!
    I vote Veeva.

  23. Greg O'Connor
    Greg O'Connor at | | Reply

    Thanks to everyone who voted for AppZero. It is a honor to be part of this exciting innovative groups of startups. Jeff Vance you have select a great group of companies for the Hot Cloud Start up vote off.

    GregO CEO AppZero

  24. Seth Kallman
    Seth Kallman at | | Reply

    I vote Veeva.

  25. Seth Kallman
    Seth Kallman at | | Reply

    I vote Veeva

  26. Adine
    Adine at | | Reply

    Another vote for AppZero!

  27. David Thompson
    David Thompson at | | Reply

    I vote AppZero. Removing the VM from the equation is fantastic!

  28. George Viebeck
    George Viebeck at | | Reply

    As the pharmaceutical industry looks to further streamline and improve quality of its customer and sales support, it will need lightweight (i.e. mobile), agile, compliance-oriented solutions, to address its complex business processes, like clinical trials, FDA submissions, controlled customer communications, etc. Veeva has it all and should be all in !

  29. Frances
    Frances at | | Reply

    Happy to see Cedexis on this list — an amazing Multi-cloud/CDN performance monitoring and global load balancing SaaS company.

  30. Guy Vardi
    Guy Vardi at | | Reply

    I vote Ravello.

  31. Martyn
    Martyn at | | Reply

    Vote for Veeva

  32. Sharon Schierle
    Sharon Schierle at | | Reply

    My vote’s for: VoloMetrix.

  33. Leonard Walstad
    Leonard Walstad at | | Reply

    I vote for AppZero

  34. Andreas
    Andreas at | | Reply


  35. cobey
    cobey at | | Reply

    I voted for appzero.

  36. Keith Delahaye
    Keith Delahaye at | | Reply

    I vote Veeva

  37. Sonal
    Sonal at | | Reply

    Thank you Jeff. Aryaka is proud to be on this list.

  38. Sean Sirrine
    Sean Sirrine at | | Reply

    I vote Cedexis!

  39. Brendan Hoey
    Brendan Hoey at | | Reply

    I vote for PLIVO !

    1. Rachel
      Rachel at | | Reply

      Thanks Brendan & everyone else who voted for Plivo! We’re happy just to be considered :)

  40. Cody A. Ray
    Cody A. Ray at | | Reply

    BrightTag ftw!

  41. Scott Hartley
    Scott Hartley at | | Reply

    Cedexis gets my vote

  42. Alan
    Alan at | | Reply

    I vote for AppZero

  43. Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor at | | Reply

    Very nice article. Of all these, I think Cedexis has by far the most promise, because it is the only one with the probability to universally affect the cloud in a fundamental and material way. It has the potential to help shape the cloud.

  44. Rob Marano
    Rob Marano at | | Reply

    I vote for Hytrust.

  45. Glen Chernack
    Glen Chernack at | | Reply

    Strong support for Cedexis.

  46. Wanda Soto
    Wanda Soto at | | Reply

    My vote is for Transverse, all the way!!!

  47. shazman
    shazman at | | Reply

    missing…. – all about cloud, saas, virtual and above all “security!”

  48. Jim Bruynell
    Jim Bruynell at | | Reply

    Transverse gets my vote!

  49. Doug Jones
    Doug Jones at | | Reply

    Transverse all the way!

  50. Ferdinand Roberts
    Ferdinand Roberts at | | Reply

    Any news on the final 10?

  51. Peter Delahaye
    Peter Delahaye at | | Reply

    Cancel that – answer is above!

  52. Tony Pagano
    Tony Pagano at | | Reply

    Very interesting list, is it possible to get the complete list of 150 candidates?

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